Food is joy…food is comfort….food is happiness…food is contentment…food is medicine…food is passion…food is life…food is sustenance! So, when a bunch of old school batchmates got together and found that the love of food bound them together, they began the journey of bringing out this amazing food blog just for you!

More than a hundred recipes from 25 home chefs…weekly specials and non stop excitement! Drinks, Snacks, Main Course dishes, cakes and desserts, continental and regional cuisines, food related musings and writings, food dedications for friends and family – All this and much more in the weeks to come!


As the rains sweep over India, a traditional monsoon favourite remains to be the batter fried pakodes or fritters! This month we celebrate our love for all kinds of crispy snacks which keep us munching happily!

“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”


As the world struggles to fight against the deadly Covid 19 pandemic and millions are affected, we must try and increase our overall immunity to be able to combat the virus.

Join us in an endeavour to promote food and recipes which will help you to be stronger, fitter and healthier! Let’s fight Covid from within!

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